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Bed & Breakfast Inns
SIC Codes: 7011
NAICS Codes: 721191
Last Quarterly Update: 8/25/2014
Companies in this industry provide short-term lodging in private homes or small buildings converted to hotels; full breakfast typically is included in the room rate. No major companies operate in the industry.
The US bed and breakfast (B&B) industry includes about 3,000 establishments with combined annual revenue of about $1 billion. Leisure tourism spending is a key growth driver.
Competitive Landscape
Demand is driven by personal disposable income. The profitability of individual establishments depends on occupancy rate and operational efficiency. Larger B&Bs may have advantages in providing a range of offerings and prices to suit a variety of traveler budgets. Small establishments can compete effectively by offering superior customer service to target markets. The industry is highly fragmented: the 50 largest companies account for about 15 percent of revenue.
B&Bs compete for overnight accommodations with other hospitality establishments such as hotels, motels, extended-stay inns, country inns, RV parks, and campgrounds. Distinctions between country inns and B&B inns aren't always clear, but typically a country inn has 10 or more rooms and operates a restaurant on premises, while B&Bs average about six rooms and serve only breakfast.
Products, Operations & Technology
The major offering of B&Bs is rental of guest rooms (about 80 percent of revenue): other sources of revenue are gift shop sales, food and beverage sales, ... plus:
Sales & Marketing
Finance & Regulation
Regional & International Issues
Human Resources
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