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More Empirical: Less Subjective Benchmarks for Private Company Valuations 

Business Valuation Resources, LLC is proud to bring you the Butler Pinkerton Calculator™.  The Calculator, updated daily, objectively quantifies company-specific risk premiums (CSRPs) and total cost of equities (TCOEs) for guideline publicly-traded companies. Produce real time beta calculations based on your choice of 6 different market proxies and use these empirically-derived results to better support and defend your subject company’s cost of capital. Calculate now!

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Whether you are a licensor or a visitor, quantify TCOEs and CSRPs for up to 12 publicly-traded stocks at one time.  If you have more than 12 comparables, simply run the program again.  Just tell the program what your comparables are, your look-back period, and other inputs you normally use in any discounted cash flow calculation (risk free rate, equity risk premium [aka market risk premium], etc.) and the Calculator, in a matter of seconds, will give you your objective answers.

Butler Pinkerton Calculator passes a Daubert challenge!
The BPC passed its first Daubert challenge in mid-December 2010 in Alamar Ranch, LLC v. County of Boise, a decision by the United States District Court (Idaho)(Civil Case No. 1:09-cv-00004 BLW). In response to the challenge, Peter Butler (Valtrend) submitted an affidavit listing the numerous instances of independent peer comments, articles, speaking engagements as evidence of peer review. In the Alamar Ranch case, trial testimony also highlighted positive endorsements of the BPC –some from Ph.D.s and finance professors - that recognize the model’s central technique stems from modern portfolio theory.

“To judges, the company specific risk premium often seems like the device experts employ to bring their final results into line with their clients’ objectives, when other valuation inputs fail to do the trick.” -Delaware Open MRI Radiology Associates v. Howard B. Kessler, et al.

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  • Three templates - These valuable templates guide you through practical examples of determining: 1) CSRPs, 2) TCOEs and 3) Combined company-specific risk/size premiums

  • If you have any questions, please visit our pages above or contact us at (503) 291-7963 or You can also contact Pete Butler, author of the Butler Pinkerton Calculator directly at


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Watch Peter Butler and Gary Trugman discuss the BPC
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