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The annual Factset Mergerstat Review, available exclusively through BVR, is the must-have source for data and analysis on the merger and acquisition (M&A) market. Access M&A details, control premiums, valuation multiples and more all at your fingertips. Purchase includes hard cover copy of current edition and monthly updates through the Factset Mergerstat Monthly Review (delivered in PDF format).

The Mergerstat Review and the Mergerstat Monthly Review deliver data on U.S.-based buyers and sellers and includes privately held, publicly traded and cross–border transactions. It also analyzes unit divestitures, management buyouts and certain asset sales. The Mergerstat Monthly Review delivers the most valuable M&A statistics, and analysis, including the latest activities and trends, deal data by industry – ideal for adding insight and impact to valuation reports, pitch books, client presentations, market overviews and competitive reports. View sample Mergerstat Monthly Review

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Highlights of the FactSet Mergerstat Review:

  • Detailed data: Arm yourself with insight into trends in prices, methods of payment, valuation multiples, control premiums and other critical factors in the M&A market - drill down in individual industries with transaction-level details

  • Ongoing Updates:  With the addition of the Factset Mergerstat Monthly Review, you’ll always know the latest M&A news and trends, industry activity and value comparisons, private equity updates, top advisor activity and top US deals
  • Transaction Roster: Organized by SIC code so you’ll never miss a major comparable transaction in your valuation reports
  • Comprehensive stats: Get comprehensive statistics that reveal which industries are most active and how their premiums, TIC/EBITDA, TIC/EBIT and P/E averages compare to the market as a whole

  • Trustworthy Source: Factset Mergerstat is a leader in the financial research marketplace.  The Factaet Mergerstat Review will be the foundation for your research – for all valuation and market analyses

Read about the differences between the Factset Mergerstat® Review (Annual Book) and the Mergerstat/BVR Control Premium Study (Online Database) and view a comparison chart.

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