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Users of private company transaction data consistently rely on Pratt’s Stats – the leading private company merger and acquisition (M&A) transaction database. It boasts the most complete financial details on 24,800+ acquired private companies and includes detailed data vital in conducting a valuation, deriving a selling price, or performing a fairness opinion analysis. You’ll find detailed notes on almost all transactions – even data on purchase price allocations and non-compete agreements. Pratt’s Stats also includes a FREE subscription to the quarterly publication Pratt’s Stats Private Deal Update (PDF) – a quarterly analysis of private company acquisitions by private buyers from the Pratt’s Stats database and access to the Pratt's Stats Analyzer, an Excel-based tool..

New! Pratt's Stats has added more functionality and enhancements.
Pratt's Stats has been updated with new secondary and tertiary SIC and NACS codes, new dedicated purchase price allocation fields, and new search fields including sale region, whether a company was a franchise, and whether the purchase included real estate. See a video walkthrough >>

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For almost 20 years M&A professionals, business appraisers, financial advisors, investment bankers and lawyers have relied on Pratt’s Stats to most accurately value or to dispute the value of any subject company. This database contains data variously described as M&A transactions, private company deals, private merger and acquisitions (M&A) transactions, guideline company, guideline transaction, comparable sales data, business comparable and/or market data. Pratt's Stats provides up to 140+ data points per transaction highlighting the financial and transactional details of the sales of privately and closely held companies. We collect private business transactions of main street businesses from business brokers, as well as middle market M&A deals where a public company purchases a private company.

Pratt's Stats users enjoy:

  • NEW! Now includes secondary and tertiary SIC and NACS codes, new dedicated purchase price allocation fields, and new search fields including sale region, whether a company was a franchise, and whether the purcase included real estate.
  • Easy searching identifies comparable transactions by keyword, revenue range, industry name, SIC code, profitability margins, company name, and more (Search Pratt's Stats Now)
  • Hard-to-find data on how deals are structured including payment terms, purchase price allocations, employment agreements, non-compete agreements, private company financial statements, private company financial ratios (View sample data from Pratt's Stats)
  • Valuation multiples point to the greatest value drivers
  • The ability to track market pricing trends via Pratt's Stats timely deal updates
  • Access to payment term information including contingency payment and transaction fee details
  • Asking price vs. selling price comparisons for spread analysis
  • Listing date and selling date inclusions for time-on-market analysis

The Pratt's Stats database is updated monthly with an average of 100 transactions.

Time-saving tool - Pratt's Stats Analyzer
Pratt’s Stats has just added enhanced functionality with the Pratt's Stats Analyzer, a new resource included with a subscription! This Excel-based tool greatly improves a user’s ability to select and deselect transactions, complete their analysis, and export any or all of their worksheets to a new Excel workbook. Key highlights include:

  • New! A percentile option that give users the ability to view or select a statistical measure above or below the median. For instance, a user can select the 25th percentile if they wish to apply a multiple that is halfway between the median and the minimum value, or they can select the 10th percentile to apply a multiple that is closer to the minimum value (the inverse applies for the 75th and 90th percentile selections). 
  • New! The 10th, 25th, median (50th), 75th, and 90th percentile values are calculated for the other summary financial figures (including income statement values, balance sheet values, and financial ratios), which gives users better insight into the population of transactions in their comparable group, compared with only viewing the median and average for the group. This also allows users to compare their subject’s financial ratios to the population.
  • Search tools to easily select and deselect transactions from analysis;
  • Scatter graphs to quickly determine outliers;
  • Ability to quickly compute valuable statistics from the selected sample of comps;
  • Power to calculate and then apply various regression formulas and valuation multiples to the subject company; and
  • Ability to export selected sheets into their custom reports

(The Pratt's Stats Analyzer is currently not recommended for Apple users. Learn More)

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