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ktMINE Royalty Rate Comparables and Full Text Licensing Agreements Database

Get data now! The ktMINE royalty rates database provides an organized gateway to efficiently canvass the landscape of intellectual property (IP) licensing payments and agreement terms. It provides direct access to royalty rates, full-text licensing agreements, and detailed agreement summaries.

With precise search functionality, robust data mining capabilities, and a time-saving analysis center, ktMINE helps you to quickly identify and analyze market comparables from a goldmine of licensing agreements. This is the perfect data solution for:

  • Benchmarking appropriate royalty rates
  • Developing intangible property valuation methods
  • Negotiating license agreement royalty rates and payments
  • Intellectual property valuations economic damages analysis
  • Fairness opinion analysis

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ktMINE Reports

Get custom reports now! With ktMINE Reports, give us a company name and 72 hours and we’ll deliver a full analysis and report of their patent, copyright, and trademark activity. These customized reports streamline your intellectual property research process, saving you time and money

ktMINE Reports provide a company's current intellectual property portfolio and investments to expose its innovation strategy and give you the information you need for valuable company insight.

Stay miles ahead of your peers and competitors with ktMINE reports! This is the perfect solution for:

  • Uncovering a specific company's innovation strategy
  • Competitive intelligence analysis
  • Staying on top of M&A news

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